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初回無料・3/7 日本語でダンス!

*Please scroll down for the English version.
誰でも出来る 簡単ダンスクラス
日本時間 3月7日(日)9:00~10:00 /ニューヨーク時間 3月6日(土)19:00~20:00
【講師 】
Manhattan Collegeのチアダンスチームの振り付け、Harlem Dance Teamのメンバーとして数々のダンスコンテストに出場、アポロシアターで行われるアマチュアナイトに出場し『Show Time At The Appollo』にピックアップされTV出演も果たす。その他、有名アーティストのPV出演、数々のステージに出演し、NYの有名クラブ『Cheetah』『Copacabana』のダンスディレクター・レギュラーダンサーを長期勤めるなど数々のセレブリティイベントのダンサーとして活躍。
2015年11月よりダンスクラス “Triple D Dance Unlimited”を設立。
✨Free for the first time・Please send DM for us?✨
?Would you like to study Japanese online and work out at the same time?
This is a beginner dance class for all levels.
✅ Learn Japanese through simple dance movements.
✅Study Japanese naturally while having fun with the music.
Parents and guardians of the participants can join the lesson and dance together!
3/6/2020(Sun) 9:00~10:00 JST (Japan time)
3/5/2021(Sat)19:00~20:00 EST(New York time)
✅Age range : 6 ~ 13 years old
✅Children who currently study Japanese. (in principle)
YUYU Sensei
【Lesson contents】
Study Japanese through dancing.
【A maximum number of students】 10 students
【Materials you prepare】 Nothing
【About instructor】
Yuyu sensei
Yuyu was born in Hokkaido, Japan and lives in NY now. She has over 20 years of experience in teaching dance. She has choreographed for the Manhattan College cheerleading squad, participated in numerous dance competitions as a member of the Harlem Dance Team, competed in the Amateur Night at the Apollo Theater, and was nominated for a TV appearance on “Show Time At The Apollo”. In addition, she has performed in music videos for famous artists and has worked as a dance director and regular dancer at the famous NY clubs “Cheetah” and “Copacabana” for many celebrity events.
In November 2015, she established a dance class called “Triple D Dance Unlimited”.
Her goal is to teach children how to enjoy dance, not to give up, to challenge themselves, and improve their skills. Above all she strongly values the individuality of each student.