About the Company

Our Goals and Objectives

Languages connect people.

We hope all children will become confident in speaking, reading and writing Japanese which will enrich their lives. We work with you to create a learning plan so your child is engaged and motivated.

Message from the president of Hikari JS

“Our goal is to brighten the present, tomorrow and future for children.”

When I was teaching at Japanese elementary school, there were various foreign students in my class every year.

I had several types of students, among them a boy – let’s call him A-kun. He couldn’t understand Japanese and wasn’t able to keep up the classes. He wanted to get attention from his classmates by erasing the words on the blackboard in the middle of the class and sometimes hitting other students.

There was a girl, let’s call her B-chan. She used to avoid playing with her friends because she was not confident about speaking in Japanese. She stayed alone during recess.

Another boy, C-kun who felt embarrassed because he couldn’t understand Japanese. In all classes, he kept the books open, pretending to understand.

I felt these kids have their anxieties.

However, when I taught them Japanese at one on one at recess and after school, and prepared exercises just right for them, they showed me big smiles and said “I did it!”. They were so happy about their progress.

They continued learning Japanese and started to get more confident and began interacting and playing with their friends.

“Language” is not everything in your life, however if you can use “language”, it will enrich your life for sure.

I wish I could help more children to enjoy their own lives… I founded this company to achieve this goal.

Let’s build a bright future for children together.
We shall cooperate to create a better future and lessons.

Sachiko Tanimura ー The president of Hikari JS

Before founding this company Tanimura worked at Japanese elementary schools in Tokyo for 11 years (including 2 years in Brazil where she taught at local schools). She started teaching online Japanese lessons after leaving her school job in March 2020.
She named the company “Hikari” which means Light” in Japanese because she hopes children will shine like bright lights by learning Japanese through Hikari JS.

The company overview

Firm name
Hikari JS Co.,Ltd.
(1)Provide Japanese online lessons
(2)Provide translation/interpreting services
Hamamatsutyoudaiya Bld.2F, Hamamatsucho , Minato Ku, Tokyo To, 105-0013, Japan

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