Translation and Interpreting Services for Parents

Do you have any problems with communicating with people in schools or communities?
We offer three services for parents to help their daily life.

Your peace of mind brings the child’s peace of mind.
We provide three services for parents to comfort your life.

ranslation services

We translate the documents written in Japanese such as the letters from school or public information.

Available languages ​​(8 languages):English, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, Korean, Vietnamese, Filipino, Khmer

1 character (Japanese) or Per word (multilingual)
Member Non-member
10yen 13yen

※Tax not included

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Interpreting services

We provide interpreting services by over-the-phone, Skype or other tools If you need help communicating with people such as a school teacher.
※Please submit the request form on the website, in principle, at least 5 days in advance of the date to use the interpreting service. If you need services in a shorter period of time, contact us to ask for our availability.

Available languages ​​(7 languages): English, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, Korean, Filipino, Khmer

<Why do we need your request form at least 5 days in advance?>

  • We would like to arrange an interpreter who is familiar with the field.
  • We will arrange an advanced meeting with you to understand about the purpose and request of the service

※ Online/over-the-phone interpreting services are not applicable to group events, such as formal school ceremonies and PTA meetings.We offer OnSite Interpreting Services if an interpreter is available. The customer is responsible for interpreter’s travel expenses

Member Non-member
~15min 1,500yen 1,800yen
15分min~30min 3,000yen 3,600yen
30min~45min 4,500yen 5,400yen
45min~60min 6,000yen 7,200yen

※Tax is not included.

※After 60mins of the interpreting services, 1,500 yen per 15 mins will be charged.

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Japanese online lessons for parents

Private lessons for parents of children. We offer private online lessons for parents of our students. Our tutors will teach Japanese from beginner level to business level.

Available languages ​​(7 languages): English, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, Korean, Vietnamese, Filipino

Membership/Application Fee 8,000 yen
(we ask all students to become a member if you take lessons) The process of application is the same as the lessons for children.

1 times a week
4 times a month
2 times a week
8 times a month
45min 10,800yen 21,600yen
60min 14,400yen 28,800yen

※Tax not included

≪ Our events ≫ ※Coming soon

Let’s do origami with other students! Let’s study in groups with peers at the same level!It will be more fun to learn Japanese when students join our online events and meet new friends.Parents and siblings can join, too! (* Non-member price)Don’t miss it!

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