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Japanese online group lesson “Let’s become news reporters and read Japanese news!”

We will try to read simple Japanese news like a TV news reporter.
When you speak into the camera, you will feel like a real reporter.
Let’s improve your Japanese skills while having fun in this unique remote class!
【日時 Date】
第1回:2月15日(月)18:30~19:30 First lesson:02/15/2021(Mon)18:30~19:30 *Japan time
第2回:2月15日(月)20:00~21:00 Second lesson:02/15/2021(Mon)20:00~21:00 *Japan time
※単発授業です。 This is a single lesson.
【内容 About this event】
1. かんたんな日本語でニュースを読もう。 NHK NEWS WEB EASYの使い方を知ろう。
2. アナウンサー体験をしよう。
1. Let’s read news in simple Japanese. We will learn how to use NHK NEWS WEB EASY.
2. Let’s speak like news reporters.
【対象者 Requirements】
・10歳~18歳:10~18 years old
・日本語レベル:中級程度(日常会話が半分程度理解できる。) Japanese level: Intermediate (being able to understand about half of daily conversation)
【場所 Method】 オンライン Online(Zoom)
【参加費 Lesson fee】
会員 2,000円または19.4USD/1回 Member ¥2,000 or 19.3USD/ 1 lesson
非会員 2,300円または22.3USD/1回   Non-member ¥2,300 or 22.3USD / 1 lesson
Please note that we can not refund for your cancellation, absence and lateness after payment.
※1 支払方法:銀行振込、Paypal または カード決済 Payment Methods: Banktransfer, PayPal or Credit Card
※2 日本円またはUSドルでの支払となります。 For members living outside of Japan: we accept the payment in Japanese yen or US dollars. If you pay in your country’s currency the rate is converted into Japanese yen.
If you would like to pay in US dollars or make a bank transfer, please select “Local Payment”. Please follow the instructions below within 3 days of application.
Payment in US dollars: You will receive an invoice by email. Please make payment by one of the options written in the email.
三菱UFJ 新橋支店 5397481 株式会社 光JS
Bank Transfer: Please transfer the payment to the following account.
Mitsubishi UFJ Shinbashi Branch 5397481 Hikari JS Ltd.
決済完了し次第、予約確定となります。 Reservation will be confirmed as soon as payment is completed.
※3 入学金半額キャンペーン実施中! 全レッスン終了一日後までに入会で、入学金半額(8,000円→4,000円)!
We’re having an Opening Sale! If you apply for our membership within one day after the last lesson, the admission fee will be HALF OFF! ¥8,000→¥4,000
会員申込 Sign up for membership:https://hikari-js.co.jp/contact/☆
【上限人数 A maximum number of students】 8名 8 students
【準備するもの Materials you prepare】 特になし Nothing
【講師紹介 About the teacher】
佐藤先生  Satou Sensei
日本語教師経験9年目。これまで日本国内や、シンガポール、タイで日本語を教えてきました。(現在は東京大学の大学院で日本語教育に関する研究をしながら、日本語教師養成講座で若手の育成にも携わっています。)皆さんの元気な声を聴けるのを楽しみにしています! I have been teaching Japanese for 9 years. I have taught Japanese in Japan, Singapore, and Thailand. I have taught Japanese in Japan, Singapore, and Thailand. (I am currently doing research on Japanese language education at the University of Tokyo’s graduate school. I am also involved in training young people in Japanese language teacher training courses.) I’m looking forward to hearing your cheerful voices!