Free “Let’s play in Japanese” : Online Japanese language group lessons for children
Let’s play in Japanese while singing and doing fun activities!
We will learn with Sachiko sensei who is a current Japanese language teacher as well as a former elementary school teacher for more than ten years.
After each lesson she will be also happy to help parents with any problems they may have regarding schools and languages. (the conversation will be in Japanese)
This is an online lesson. Please feel free to join us!
【日時 Date】<日本時間 Japan time>
*Beginner: For children who only know few Japanese words.
①毎週 木曜日18:15~18:45 Every Thursday 18:15~18:45
②毎週 土曜日9:30~10:00 Every Saturday 9:30~10:00
*Intermediate:For children who can make simple daily conversation in Japanese
①毎週 木曜日 19:00~19:30 Every Thursday 19:00~19:30
②毎週 日曜日9:30~10:00 Every Sunday 9:30~10:00
This is a single event.
All classes will be held only in Japanese.
【対象 Requirements】
○年齢:6~12歳 Age range : 6 ~ 12 years old
An applicant who is able to take lessons via ZOOM
*As a general rule, each participant is limited to one lesson.
【場所 Method】
オンライン Online(Zoom)
【参加費 Lesson fee】
無料 Free
【上限人数 A maximum number of students】
各レッスン 4名  
Each lesson 4 students
【準備するもの Materials you prepare】
○ノート Notebook
○えんぴつ Pencil
【講師紹介 About the teacher】
さちこ先生 Sachiko Sensei
2020年3月退職後、日本語教師へ転身。同年10月、㈱光JSを開業。総勢40名程のスタッフたちと共に、①オンライン日本語レッスン ②翻訳・通訳サポートを提供している。
She is a passionate teacher and an entrepreneur who genuinely cares about children and their families.
She has worked as a public elementary school teacher in Tokyo for 11 years. For two years of those days, she was dispatched to a local elementary school in Brazil. She taught Japanese language, Japanese dance, and Japanese music to local children and adults.
During her time as a public school teacher in Tokyo, she has taught many foreign-born children who had had a hard time catching up on school work. These experiences opened her eyes to see the importance of Japanese language education for these children and support for their families, and decided to start her own business.
After resigning as a public school teacher in March 2020, she became a licensed Japanese language teacher. In October of the same year, she started Hikari JS with a total of 40 staff members. Her company provides ① online Japanese lessons for children and ② translation and interpretation support for families.
She also gives lectures at universities and international cooperation organizations.
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